Independence through the eyes of a child

The independence day, 75th year, reinvigorated the spirit of patriotism, joy and pride across the country. Most of us proudly hung our Tricolour from our windows, balconies, patios, or wherever we could, to join in the festivities. The Independence Day, 75 years back, had a very different atmosphere in our country, specially in the north-westContinue reading Independence through the eyes of a child

Unseen Heroes

The sudden sound of the mobile ringing seemed like it will shatter everything around. I hastily grabbed the phone and answered it, so that the sleeping household isn’t disturbed. It was the cab driver confirming pickup. I checked my clock … 2:30 AM! Still an hour from pickup time. Felt a pang of guilt, onContinue reading “Unseen Heroes”

O’ Google

“How did you ever do your projects?!!” This question came from bewildered twins from my neighbourhood who had decided to tap on my generosity to help them complete their school project due tomorrow. Ostensibly, to avoid the wrath of their parents who would have blasted them off for procrastinating for so long. So it wasContinue reading “O’ Google”

Revolt by the Sandwich Generation

Soham and Snehal were utterly exhausted, tired to their bones. Their life was the proverbial “hectic and a mad rush”, typical of their generation. Getting up daily at sunrise at the sound of the alarm, without a moment to spare or snooze. This is followed by an hour of jogging and Pilates at the gym.Continue reading “Revolt by the Sandwich Generation”

A day in the life of a newspaper!

Last week the way my family reacted, meaning losing it all, when the internet went down for a few hours, made me lament on how utterly dependent on the web we are. Our life is controlled by this mesh from everything such as news, to quenching our sudden curiosities, studies, office, banks, entertainment, and everyContinue reading “A day in the life of a newspaper!”

Oh what a day!!

All of a sudden, there were shrieks of agony and screams of despair emanating from everywhere. Accusations and angry snarls followed soon. From every room of our house. It seemed that an all out war bugle has been sounded and all means of assault will follow soon. From one room there were roars of blasphemyContinue reading “Oh what a day!!”

Nightmare turned true!

Isha cursed herself as she looked around for shelter from the fierce thunderstorm around her. She should have packed and left too, when all her colleagues decided to shut their laptops and head home before the impending storm. But she was nearing a deadline and she had thought she had time to quickly wrap thingsContinue reading “Nightmare turned true!”

Are you a tea leaf?

As I sipped my morning cup of tea, in the serene, autumn/winter is coming weather, with my mind far, far away, I was jarred to the present moment, when I tasted a tea leaf. The immediate action was to remove it, but it also made me think, philosophically. Yes, the ambience helped!! 😊 That sameContinue reading “Are you a tea leaf?”

I’ve missed you …!

A screeching sound of a car braking suddenly and a burst of yelling with expletives!! But nothing can stop Puffie as he ran behind Avi. Avi on hearing the screeching and yelling had momentarily looked back but seeing Puffie fine, he had kept running. Puffie ran as fast as he could to catch up withContinue reading “I’ve missed you …!”